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Reimagining Software Executive Search

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Imagine this, you own a professional sports franchise, would you hire a head coach who has never actually played the game? Answer seems rather obvious, right?

Yet in my 20+ years in enterprise software, companies consistently hire Executive Search firms who rely on generalist recruiters - but they never were an operator. They do not know the key candidate attributes for the role, different go to market models, stages and fit. They themselves have not run a rigorous interview and screening process on the Company side. It is quite different than showing a client a bunch of LinkedIn profiles, and hoping they fall in love with some candidates, then collecting a your large retainer.

Stella Search is about applying operator experience, to getting you the very BEST Executive. Opportunity cost with an Executive miss can set you back 6-12 months. At Stella Search, we know sales models, processes, how to build a funnel with Marketing, product led growth, driving NRR, establishing RevOps best practices. Why - we have lived it. We have the network effect - we know the candidate pool intimately. Not every great candidate fits with every prospective Company.

Think differently. Aim to improve your recruiting engine. Stack your leadership team. Choose Operators to help you for your next Executive Search!


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