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Stella Search - Retained Search as a Service

When we started Stella Search, we began with a clear vision in mind. To bring an Operator mindset and value to software companies competing for the very best talent. To change an important service for companies that has not changed in decades. Despite software businesses evolving constantly. And doing so at a better price to performance metric than legacy firms.

This was before the tumultuous times we are operating within today for early stage software companies. The need for more experienced advice and specialization (cyber and infrastructure; both traditional and decentralized). The need to further extend your cash runway while improving your team. At Stella we are structuring our business interests and offerings to align with early stage software company leaders.

The BIG NEWS. Today we are launching - Stella Subscription. The industry's first retained search and advisory service, as a subscription. Validated by leading venture firms and portfolio companies signing up for our service. The subscription includes:

  • Business Advisory Services throughout the year; not just an individual search

  • Includes 1 retained search per year; additional searches at reduced rates

  • Extend your retained search payment terms throughout the year. Annual subscription, paid monthly

If you are interested in learning more about how this could benefit your current search efforts, please let us know!.

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