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Retained Search Services Delivered by Stella


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Leveraging an actual CRO to find your CRO.

CRO and VP Sales Search

Two business men strategizing on a white board

Sales Team Build Out

- Regional VP's and Directors

- Sales Engineering Leaders

- Customer Success

- Revenue Operations

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Marketing Searches

- CMO and VP Marketing

- VP/Director Demand Generation

- VP Growth

- VP Product Marketing

- VP Brand and Comms

Our Process


Define Ideal Candidate Persona (ICP)

  • Understand team and gaps

  • X-functional dependencies and stakeholders

  • Must-haves and stretch VPs

  • Diversity aspects identified


Deep Vetting

  • Begin to short list 2-5 leading candidates

  • Map to ICP

  • Vet blindly with customers/peers

  • See exercise work

  • Understand comp expectations and close-ability of all late stage people


Process Definition

  • Interview team and flow

  • Candidate gates

  • Behavioral exercises and candidate, if applicable

  • Decision process


Finish the Job

  • Identify 2 finalists

  • Perform final interviews/exercises

  • Review scoring with stakeholders

  • Negotiate + sign with leading candidate

  • Ensure positive experience with passed candidates


Search Execution

  • Leveraging sourcing methodologies

  • Access to Clockwork

  • 3rd party networks

  • Significant screening during this phase

  • Robust interviewing cycle

  • Weekly cadence review

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Search Tech Infrastructure


Robust Candidate Database and Search Infrastructure implemented, in partnership with Clockwork


Full reporting available on any search status including candidate pipeline, candidate feedback and notes, stage and important search metrics of the candidate funnel


Includes DE&I tracking and reporting


Client has access to as much of the data and reporting as desired


Enables real-time collaboration and note sharing during the search

Discover how Stella Search can help you scale up and grow your revenue engine.

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